Pet Photography

Pets are part of the family too, which is why Ford Photography offer pet photography sessions at our very own studio in Wakefield, which is conveniently located to Pontefract, Barnsley and Doncaster. I’ve always had pets around and can’t imagine life without a furry or scaly companion. Your pet will be welcomed with open arms, literally! All of us at the studio love animals, and have no problem in photographing your special family member.

If they are allowed on the furniture at home, we have some lovely props they can get comfy on here too. Let us create that special portrait for you, if you have a young pet or old it makes no different to us, those lovely old dogs with the dignified grey muzzles are just as photogenic as a young pup scampering around our feet.

Which Animals?

Alongside the usual suspects, we are just as happy to have lizards, rabbits, tortoises and non-venomous snakes here too. Kristina and Sandra have spent a few years living in South Africa, so there isn’t much that phases them. If you aren’t sure whether we can accommodate your pet, please do ask. Please try to remember to bring your own treats that your pet likes or special toys for your dog.

We try to capture your pets character as much as we can, and find that a multi-image wall portrait or single framed wall art are very popular. Our full range of desk and wall portraits is available along with digital files for this type of session. Products are as per our product guide, which is available on request.

Sessions are £75 and are booked in our diary for an hour, although quite often we are finished taking the images within a twenty-minute window. Occasionally dogs may not be happy with the studio flash system, in this case, we would reschedule you for an outdoor shoot. Book your appointment today with our quick contact form below, just click let’s talk.

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