Congratulations - you have a new baby, how wonderful!

I bet you have seen how fast these little darlings grow already....

We are proud to be the local approved studio for the Baby Portrait Club 

This is a photography offer with a difference, we really believe that not everyone wants the same thing, you can choose the special memory sessions that mean the most to you.

Check out the image below and decide on the offer that suits you best, and with such special offer introductory prices we know you won't be disappointed.


Maternity Portrait

Capture the emotion of this amazing changing time with a special personalised photography session designed for you. 

Capturing your baby bump is a very personal and emotional experience. Pregnancy is such a special time in your life! That little bundle will soon be here so at around 32 to 38 weeks is an ideal time to capture that beautifully rounded belly of yours with a professional maternity shoot. We like to hear from expectant mums at around the 20 week scan time to book in though, especially if you are considering Newborn photography too. We can reserve a "floating date" in our diary for you so that we are ready when you are to capture those first precious days of your baby's new life. You may want to be quite brave with your photographs and wear very little or even nothing, or a complete cover up with fabrics or clothing; the choice is yours. Please contact us for more information , we will happily send out a PDF document on how to get the best out of your maternity session.

Newborn Portrait...because you only get one chance ...

The first week of your baby’s life is magical, a unique and life changing time. As parents ourselves we know how quickly your baby will change. You only get one chance to capture your baby as they are right now… and once it’s gone you can never get that time back. Newborn babies are photographed under ten days old although I have been known to photograph them much older if necessary..

Head Up Portrait

Usually between 3 - 6 Months

Your baby is growing quickly and reacting to people and the world around them. It's a lovely time to capture their emerging character. They are expressing themselves with gurgles and coos and lovely cheeky smiles.

Sitting Portrait

There they go! They’re on the move! Once your baby has mastered sitting up, it won’t be long until they’re off around the house. At this unique stage their little personalities really start to shine and this is the perfect time to capture them sitting up unaided. We will take time to let your little one to get used to their surroundings before  their session and capture truly breathtaking images that you can proudly display around your home.

Standing / Walking Portrait 

It's hard to keep them still now!  Wonderful little people all ready to take on everything. 

It's a perfect time to capture their character, bring along their favourite toys too if you like.    They are now at an age where they are getting into everything, a perfect time to use props within the session to create some magical moments. Bring along outfits and favourite toys for this session.

Cake Smash /  Cake Smash & Splash

This is a great joy to see for parents, a special milestone of a 1st or 2nd birthday celebrated with a four part photoshoot. 

*1:  Party Posh Outfit 

*2: Cake Smash 

*3: Splash in our vintage roll top bath

*4: Time to towel dry!

Please note: there is a requirement to place an additional order on Cake Smash sessions.

Additional photographs start at just £40.

To find out more about this amazing session and how the shoot progresses, head over to our Cake Smash page.

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