Cake Smash Xperience

This photoshoot is for an individual child for their first or second birthday. This  four part shoot celebrates and captures your little one at this very special stage in their development.

Part 1

Let's photograph your baby in a lovely dressed up outfit, something they would wear to go to a special function or party would be ideal.

Part 2

Let's get messy with the cake! Move over from our traditional background to the Cake Smash Sett, we will be trimmed up with bunting and on a clean vinyl backdrop floor we will present your tot with a yummy cake and a huge spoon for them to get stuck in with.

Part 3

In with a splash! We will bring out our vintage style bath and get the bubbles all frothy before you pop the birthday boy or girl in to pay with our giant rubber duck! This is a lovely stage to photograph!

Part 4

Out of the bath and baby gets snugged up in a super warm towel or dressing gown for the last few photographs to be taken. That's it!

Just need to clean up - oh dear :-) (Don't worry - that's my job!)

Also included in the cake smash and splash offer is the cake, a 10" fine art portrait print, a cinematic viewing appointment (usually the week after ,from which you will choose one 10" photograph to receive as a fine art portrait print.

Most people select from our super packages to make sure they hold on to all the wonderful memories they have seen at their shoot. There is no obligation to purchase additional photographs. A £30 refundable booking fee will be required to reserve time in our diary.

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